About Us

Welcome to the the Waternity Lab. This is a website that provides you with everything you need to know when it comes to your household water purification needs.

In short, when people are deciding which water filtration system or water softener to install, they seem to be perplexed by all the specifications that these devices are. And, admittedly, it’s daunting to look at the 30-line long specification sheet and figure out if a device you have in front of you is worth buying.

That’s where the Waternity Lab comes in. We take that specification sheets and meticulously examine them, compare them with benchmark numbers and other similar water purification system. In the end, we give you the short extract; just the thing you need to base your decision on.

More than 70% of every one of us is water. We do believe that replenishing that life-giving water is essential. Sadly, more than 85% of US households have only access to hard water. What is more, the existing filtration system is somewhat lacking.

It is the very intent of the Waternity Lab to help you to pure and crystal-clear water.